Stair Lift Guide

If you live in a home with stairs and you have trouble walking up and down them, then owning your own stair lift will be an enormous asset in helping to remove all the problems of negotiating the stairs.

It is possible to continue living in your own home or apartment, even though you may have some minor mobility issues? Absolutely! Read on to see how you can prolong your independence.

A stair lift system allows access to the 2nd floor in buildings, in many cases even to the wheelchair bound. See a video of how a simple Stair Lift can totally re-invigorate your life.

Still not convinced?

If using the stairs has become a daily struggle, using a Stair Lift could change your life. See how climbing a narrow staircase is made into the simplest of processes.Companies that produce stair lifts include:

  • Bruno
  • Stannah
  • Savaria
  • Acorn
  • Excel
  • Silverglide
  • Summit.

Using stairs is an everyday nightmare for many people. As we grow older the stairs in our home can become more of a struggle due to mobility problems associated with old age, an accident or illness. Often when out shopping or in a public place an alternative can be found such as a lift or escalator, but the stairs at home can become a daily challenge. Many people who experience difficulty climbing the stairs come to dread having to use them. For people whose bathroom or toilet is upstairs it can be even more of an issue…Click here to read more about how a Stair Lift can totally revolutionize your life.

Stair lifts are part of a system of aids for the handicap including grasping bars in the bathroom and the kitchen, wheelchairs, and motorized wheelchair. And with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991, these fold-up devices can be seen in public buildings and even some work places. In general, stair lifts are battery operated devices used to get up the stair. A small seat is folded over at the side of the stairs, at the bottom, and then unfolded and used when the handicapped person needs to use it. Through a series of pulleys and using an electric motor, the person is firmly but surely, at a slow, safe pace, brought up the stairs.

Stair lifts can be installed in either straight stairs, or curved stairs. Designing straight stair lifts is easiest, and because of the standardization of design, can often be bought on the second hand market, and installed in another straight staircase. Curved stair lifts are more expensive and take more time to design and install. They are usually one of-a-kind items that cannot be transferred to another curved staircase.
But, what about narrow staircases?A Stair Lift makes navigating narrow staircases an absolute pleasure!See how a Stair Lift works and all the features it provides… how it manages corners, how it swivels, easy to store away, and incredibly easy to use. With one of these, your life just went to being absolutely wonderful again!

Other companies are involved in providing “stair lift service”, which includes installing stair lift systems, and offering new and used models.

For example, Silver Cross is a free service which locates new and used dealers of stair lifts and helps handicapped customers obtain funding sources for the devices. They have done this for over 100,000 individuals since 1993.

Other people who cannot successfully use stair lifts have the option of installing in their homes wheel chair lifts, which can lift an entire wheelchair with a person in it over several steps, and home elevator systems. Many stair lift systems are battery powered, so the person can have service even in the event of a power blackout. However, some experts think that an electricity operated stair lift is more reliable over the long run. Probably, the best alternative would be a system that uses regular electrical line power, but has a battery back-up system in the event of an emergency.

Stair Lift Safety

A stair lift is a piece of home medical equipment that is designed to allow someone who is mobility challenged to safely use the stairs.

Typically a track is attached to the stairs and a chair or small platform is sent up and down the track by a set of hand or foot controls. There are several well known manufacturers of stair lifts including: AmeriGlide, Summit, and Acorn. A quality stair lift has been thoroughly tested for safety and has built in safeguards, but it is still very important to safely use and maintain these devices.

One of the most important ways to ensure safety is to follow the installation instructions, properly installing the stair lift using the correct tools and materials. Most reputable dealers have trained installation technicians available, so if you do not feel comfortable installing the stair lift yourself, you should contact your dealer.

Once the stair lift is installed it is imperative that you use the stair lift in the manner it was designed, especially paying close attention to the weight capacity. Most stair lifts utilize high grade materials, but you can put an unsafe strain on the device if you go over the weight limit.

Stair lifts made by AmeriGlide are some of the most reliable and safe in the industry. They all utilize high grade aircraft cable that has a breaking point of 4200 pounds, but this does not mean that you should in any way disregard the stated weight capacity.

It is extremely important that you do not allow children to play on the stair lift. Most stair lifts have, either included or as an extra option, some sort of locking mechanism. If you live with small children, the locking mechanism is a good investment because it ensures that the unit will not be used when you are not around to monitor it. If the unit is to be in a public area, like a church or a school, then it goes without saying that some sort of lock will be necessary.

Stair lifts manufactured by Summit and AmeriGlide have built in sensors on the footrest that stop the stair lift if it detects objects that could impede the stair lifts movement. They are also designed to not move if the seat is not in the correct locked position, which ensures that the unit will be used correctly.

You should never try to bypass these safety features, because it can result in serious injury. In models that do not have a seat belt included, it is a good idea to purchase one separately. Just like in your car seat belts can save lives so make sure you buckle up.

Most stair lifts offer foldable seats that save space when the unit is not in use. If others use your stairs it is a good idea to get in the habit of folding the seat after each use. This will free up space on the stairs and allow for others to safely traverse the steps. If used correctly your stair lift will provide years of safe quality service. Like anything though it is important to follow the instructions on use provided with the unit and to under no circumstances let the unit be used as a toy.