Walk In Bathtubs

Most people consider a Walkin Tub as a major purchase and as a long-term investment. As such, it is important to make a good investment decision in the fist place – a choice you will be happy with, perhaps for a lifetime.

But with so many choices, where to begin?

It is best to begin with an understanding of the two basic types of Walkin Tubs. Choose the type best for you, your spouse, your parent, whomever will be the primary bather. Then choose the best tub of that type from the best manufacturer at the best price. If you are covered by Medicare, you can then file a claim for possible reimbursement. Then enjoy a lifetime of bathing bliss.

The two basic types of Walkin Tubs are “Regular” Walkin Tubs and “Hybrid” Walkin Tubs.

The major distinguishing difference between these two tub types is the size and opening direction of the tub door. This difference is a big, important one for most bathers because one type provides dramatically safer access than the other.

“Regular” Walkin Tubs feature a fairly narrow door that opens into the tub. “Hybrid” Walkin Tubs have wide doors that open out from the tub.

Access to a “Regular” Walkin Tub is accomplished by stepping into and out of the tub over a 4” to 6” threshold, opening and closing the door past the legs while standing in the tub and bathing while seated.

“Hybrid” Walkin Tubs are accessed like you access your car – sit on the seat, pivot your legs in and close the door. This is a dramatically safer access method because it eliminates the major cause of most bathtub falls…the standing and moving around in the tub on ones feet! In a “Hybrid” Walkin Tub, you never have to stand in the tub.

Most other aspects of the two types can be fairly similar – like hydrotherapy options, cost, sizes, colors, and aesthetics. But select carefully the manufacturer and quality of tub…they differ greatly.

So, which is the best Walkin Tub investment for you? “Regular” or “Hybrid”?

It depends upon what is most important to you. Things like: your present and possible future mobility level; your degree of fear of falling; the ability to age-in-place; having the safest access tub available; elimination of the major cause of most bathtub falls; safe bathing in the privacy and convenience of you own home; etc.

Generally, a “Hybrid” Walkin Tub from an established, quality manufacturer is the best long-term investment for most people.